Lockport Success Story


Vibrant Printing Boosts the Image of Lockport Park District

Lush golf courses, outdoor pools, great restaurants, yoga classes—sound like a Florida resort? These amenities are offered by the Lockport Township Park District. Serving about 38,000 households, printed pieces are their primary link to the community. Whether it’s a postcard promoting summer pool passes or a 60-page brochure highlighting seasonal programs, quality printing boosts the brand and keeps Lockport Park District looking polished.

It’s good customer service. If I ever have a problem, all I do is call...I’ve worked with other printers, and they weren’t so eager to help.



At one time, the southwest suburban park system used a Wisconsin-based printer that didn’t offer the ability to upload files. Collateral pieces were burned onto disks and mailed. According to the Park District’s Pam Hutton, the printing was subpar, adding, “They didn’t act like they wanted to help us or get things done quicker.” So Hutton called Fuse.

That was nearly a decade ago, and the production partner’s mission continues unchanged today—to provide exceptional service and printing quality with a look and feel to match clients’ high standards.


Fuse supports the Lockport Park District by delivering high-quality printing and attentive customer service. Fuse prints about 10,000 postcards each year, as well as 5,000 newsletters, thank you cards, folders and special-use collateral such as wedding brochures and take-out menus. In addition, there’s the organization’s signature piece—a 60-page brochure mailed three times each year to about 44,000 households.

According to Hutton, this two-color booklet has gotten better and better over time and now features a four-color center spread with crisp, high-energy photography and robust, jewel-tone colors.

As important as the print quality is the Fuse customer experience. “It’s good customer service. If I ever have a problem, all I do is call them,” said Hutton. “I’ve worked with other printers and they weren’t so eager to help.”

In addition, Fuse acts as a knowledge resource. With so many programs to promote, it’s hard for Hutton to keep up with new ways to present information. That’s where Fuse aims high. Hutton explains, “Fuse comes in and shows me different options. It’s nice that I can ask what other park districts do and what their books look like.” For example, on a tri-fold with the theme “Keep Growing With Us,” Fuse suggested using fugitive glue to adhere a packet of seeds with all folds matching perfectly. This innovative technique made the piece look great.

As with most public entities putting out RFPs, Lockport Park District requests that potential vendors provide a list of equipment. Fuse’s in-house technology is a great advantage. “The equipment matters,” said Hutton. “We can tell how they run the job. We know we’re going to get a better cost because there is no middleman, and it’s better quality.”


Park district numbers are up and, while printing’s contribution can’t be tied to a specific metric, the 10-year marketing veteran draws a distinct connection between production quality and their brand. Hutton sums it up, “Your printed pieces have to look professional. Good printing gives you credibility.”