LCWA Success Story


Agency Teams with Fuse to Produce Winning Work

Michigan Avenue is home to some of Chicago’s top creative agencies. Among them sits public relations firm L.C. Williams & Associates (LCWA). For more than ten years, LCWA has aligned with the Fuse team for its high-end production work.

In a very competitive environment...we want to work with partners who are exceptional, like Fuse. There are a ton of printers...we go to the partner who can deliver.



Fuse worked with LCWA to produce a 20-page, 8.75”-square, bound book titled Safety with a Sense of Style for First Alert® smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Half of the book promotes a series of newly designed alarms sporting a high-tech look. At the midpoint, readers turn the book upside down to continue reading about the Atom™, a sleek, style-smart micro fire alarm.

“In a very competitive environment, we provide exceptional people— so we want to work with partners who are exceptional, like Fuse. There are a ton of printers locally, to do small projects that require little to no input, but for the bigger things, we go to the partner who can deliver,” offered Tim Young of LCWA.


In addition to taking great care with crisp lines and vivid four-color photography throughout, Fuse recommended a spot varnish technique that makes the images virtually pop off the page.

Like many top agencies, LCWA aims to deliver flawless projects and excellent service. To hit the mark, they seek partners who strive for these same targets. On the production side, that means beautiful printing that reflects the quality of the featured products themselves. But it has to be delivered on time, by a team that offers off-the-charts experience, knowledge and service. Fuse stays attentive to these priorities as it partners with LCWA and other professional services firms.

When working with agencies such as LCWA, Fuse often becomes an extension of the creative team, collaborating on options and approaches that will enhance a finished piece. LCWA uses Fuse to produce its own marketing materials, including brochures for various LCWA divisions and promotional items such as branded USB drives.


Together, the agency’s creative layout and Fuse’s impeccable production quality helped secure two prestigious awards—The Publicity Club of Chicago’s Golden Trumpet Award for Communications Materials for Brochures, Booklets or Books, as well as the Public Relations Society of America Chicago Chapter’s Skyline Award. These awards honor the most creative and successful industry campaigns each year.

According to Young, the finished book was also very well received by the client and served as a cornerstone for new First Alert product launch.

“I’ve been working with (Fuse) for years,” added Young. “They know their business and offer lots of processes that we can consider—from printing to delivery methods. They’ve produced very good work. When we haven’t had a lot of time, they turn things around very quickly. They’ve been so, so helpful over the years.”

Now LCWA is working with Fuse to customize pieces through variable data printing. Fuse is guiding the agency through the process, with Young noting, “They bring so much more than just ‘send us the files and we’ll print it.’”