ISACA Success Story


Fuse Delivers the World to Global Association

For one technology association, the benefits of membership span the globe. Nearly 65% of its 110,000 members reside in 179 countries outside the United States.

The down side? At the end of every year, the organization’s headquarters received an avalanche of receipts from chapter leaders who needed to expense marketing materials purchased at their discretion. Not only did the review process take a lot of time, there was no assurance of consistent pricing and branding when each of 200 chapters handled printing and promotional items locally.

Our diversity of services really makes a difference—online storefronts, signage and fulfillment. It’s nice to say ‘We do all that.’



Fuse was tasked with streamlining the procurement of marketing materials for the association, a client partner since 1987 (when it had a mere 8,000 members!). The directives:

  • Make ordering, stock certification and training documents available on demand
  • Brand marketing materials by chapter
  • Offer a selection of well-branded promotional products
  • Ensure round-the-clock availability in every time zone
  • Build in easy inventory management and online security


The Fuse team developed an online storefront that could be accessed by the association’s chapter leaders, each of whom had a predetermined amount they could spend on various materials for certifications and membership.

Behind the scenes, the storefront is a dynamic web portal. Chapter logos and contact information are archived and used to produce custom materials with variable print areas. Chapters can order wide-format items, such as pull-up banners for events, posters and 6-feet-wide tradeshow booth signage. In addition, variable printing can be used to customize brochures and ads, and a variety of promotional items have been preselected for quick fulfillment. Many documents can even be printed and shared directly from the storefront.

No money or payment information is exchanged with visitors. Instead, Fuse periodically bills the association for inventory used. Fuse also monitors usage trends, making recommending that may boost marketing results.

“We have such a strong relationship with this association and have had the flexibility to handle many challenges for them over the last 25-plus years,” said the association’s Fuse account executive, Gary Krattenmaker. “Our diversity of services really makes a difference—online storefronts, signage and fulfillment. It’s nice to say ‘We do all that.’”


Goodbye major headaches! Fuse helped the association streamline their material management processes, saving time and simplifying complex paperwork worldwide.

Pre-approved products and documentation allow the association’s marketing team to centrally manage its marketing assets and ensure that everything is up-to-date and reflects current brand standards. The high level of customization available appeals to chapter directors as they grow their membership—a win-win in any language. Association management now focuses on other parts of the organization, as well as serving its international membership.