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What’s the key to success in today’s complex marketing communications landscape?  Having the right data and analytics to make your campaign as effective as possible.

The average consumer taps into 7+ media channels. That’s why sophisticated marketers are turning to cross-channel tools to track the success of their campaigns. State-of-the technology platforms like SmartTrack---Rider Dickerson’s robust cross channel marketing platform that seamlessly integrates all responses to print and digital media—including social media. 

The real-time dashboard gives you the ability to make quick, nimble and informed decisions on how to adjust your campaign for maximum results.

SmartTrack can even be tailored to your project and audience, through customized microsites, personalized URLs, event-triggered notifications, SMS communications and more. It also offers a Marketing Automation feature that  drives more sales-ready, marketing qualified leads using tools such as lead scoring and triggered communications.

Whether you’re looking to drive more qualified leads, launch a new product, increase customer loyalty, or market an event or trade show—Rider Dickerson’s SmartTrack is your smart choice to create and execute trackable, personalized, and more successful cross-media campaigns.

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